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In 2018, the Government developed the National Agricultural Transformation Programme (NAT 2023), and implemented a private sector led approach dubbed ‘The Agriculture Policy Shift’. This strategy laid the foundation for the prioritisation of agriculture – Feed Salone as one of the Big 5 Game Changers in the SLPP Manifesto. 

This Strategy underscores the Government of Sierra Leone’s steadfast dedication to agricultural transformation and the pursuit of food sovereignty. Recognizing the pivotal role that agriculture plays in the nation’s economy, the Feed Salone Strategy aims to boost agriculture productivity to fuel inclusive growth, increase access and availability of locally produced nutrient dense and safe food, reduce our dependence on food imports, reduce hunger, increase export earnings, create jobs, and build resilient food system.

The Feed Salone Strategy is championed by H.E. President Bio, guided by the Presidential Council, and executed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security. 

Sierra Leone's Agriculture Potential At a Glance

Of the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the Agricultural Sector accounts for


The main source of livelihood for many households is Agriculture as it accounts for


Women play a critical role in the agriculture labour force representing a percentage of


Sierra Leone boasts of a youthful population with an average (in years) of


The Impact of Prioritising Agriculture

Feed Salone is poised to significantly boost GDP growth through agriculture. The past decades saw agricultural growth rates of 3-5%; our ambition is to accelerate this pace, targeting an annual growth rate of 10% for the agriculture sector in the next five years.